Dual Controller SAN Storage Solution
iSAN® 5000 Series - Powerful Storage Solutions
The iSAN® 5000 Series SAN storage models provide the redundancy of hardware level mirroring, with automatic failover, within a single dual controller solution. The iSAN® 5000 Series is loaded with onboard data protection features like snapshot backup, portable disk backup, tape backup and encrypted and deduplicated WAN replication. Virtual disk snapshots can be performed, on-demand anytime, on a timed schedule as often as every 5 minutes, or when data changes reach a threshold that you set. Backups execute per virtual disk as a background task with minimal operational impact, and can be scheduled to occur after hours or on-demand at any time, including during business hours if desired. Offload copying starts immediately, so there is no "backup window". Replication can be performed either as snapshots occur or on a separate schedule, if desired. Data at the remote site is available for immediate use with no need to perform a restore function. Cybernetics' iSAN® 5000 Series is the ideal choice for businesses seeking maximum data protection within a single solution.
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