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Choose Wisely: Your Digital Evidence Management Solution for 2019 and Beyond

by Cybernetics | Last updated, June 2019

Let’s face it:

When it comes to backing up and storing your digital evidence, you have very limited options.

A) Do Nothing.

This "option" really isn’t an option.

You’re going have to store that digital evidence somewhere, if only for a 60-90 day retention period.

B) Sign up for a subscription-based cloud service.

At first glance, this is the most convenient choice. It appears to be ideal, because it seems so easy and secure. But the fact of the matter is, a cloud service is not a true backup solution.

What happens if your service provider experiences a major system failure? What if their servers get hacked? What if the company goes out of business? What’s going to happen to your digital evidence?

THE BOTTOM LINE: when you use a subscription-based cloud service, you’re placing your sensitive data in someone else’s hands, and you can’t always count on it to be there when you really need it.

And then, there’s the hefty cost of ownership for cloud storage (actually, cloud storage is not “rent to own”, so it will never really be “yours”). You’ll need to factor in additional costs for bandwidth when backing up large media files, as well as when retrieving those files for use later on.

“‘Cloud storage requires moving data outside of the enterprise's local area networks into a wide area network, often resulting in a higher cost and bandwidth requirement for cloud storage...’” Jennifer Lonoff Schiff, CIO

Finally, some of the more popular service providers claim to provide an “unlimited data storage license”; but if you read the fine print you‘ll see that the license only covers storage for proprietary footage and data files—all other data transfers incur additional fees. These are just a few examples of the things you’ll need to consider when calculating the actual costs of using the cloud for digital evidence management.

C) Store your digital evidence on-site.

On-site backup and storage is by and far your best choice for digital evidence management. You alone control access to your digital evidence, and you don’t have to worry about excessive charges from your ISP for uploading large files (audio, video, documents, records, databases--ANYTHING) and accessing them later on.

“But, what about my growing data storage demands?”

When you decide to use a Cybernetics solution for on-site backup and storage, you can choose the perfect combination of capacity, scalability, security, reliability, and cost-effectiveness to fit your needs.

Here are just a few of the benefits you’ll get from a Cybernetics solution:

  • Simple installation—no special software required
  • Save time and money—use existing connections
  • Easy—supports automatic video uploads
  • Native Encryption/Decryption—require physical token and password for access
  • Integrated audit trail and backup system

You don’t have to risk the security of your sensitive data for the sake of convenience.

Some things just need to be kept in-house. Your digital evidence is one of them.

At Cybernetics, our mission is to provide Tier 1 storage and backup solutions that you can depend on, on-site, for a fraction of the cost of using “the Cloud”.

Hands down, we offer the most secure, scalable, and cost-effective solutions for managing all types of digital evidence, as well as your daily backups.

"With the HSTC, I have the best of time and capacity. I have a whole new level of trust in my backups."

At the largest training command center for Yorktown, Virginia’s US coastal guardians, Ryan Delbridge oversees the backup of countless critical files for locations scattered across the country.

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How really measures up to a solution:

  • Data is stored by third-party subcontractors--many of whom have been hacked, repeatedly, in recent years
  • 100% of data is kept on-site, on budget, and on target
  • Charges 23 times as much as the provider, itself, is paying the subcontractor to store your data
  • Lower total cost of ownership; save tens of thousands over the lifetime of your storage
  • Subscription-based model with licenses that only cover data storage for proprietary camera footage and media files; all other data transfers incur additional fees
  • Backup and store footage, pictures, files, databases--ANYTHING; no special licenses required
  • At the discretion of cloud service provider, data may be archived in long term storage after 6 months; may take up to 24 hours to access
  • Data always readily available; archived data can be restored at lightning speeds
  • Specified number of users per license; more users added, at additional cost
  • Unlimited users/access by remote client
  • Rates subject to change; progressively higher storage costs over the years and costly additional fees for exceeding storage amounts
  • Predictable, cost-effective storage; start with a capacity that best fits your needs now, and add capacity as your data demands grow

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